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Music in the Church exists to glorify God and is integral to our worship and liturgy. From the earliest times, God’s people have shown their love for God with singing and playing of musical instruments.

Music is a key component of our worship experience here at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Our musical heritage is rich and also varied. Being a historic church, we are founded on the hymnody of our Anglican heritage. Organ music, often accompanied by brass and strings, welcomes home our parishioners who were raised on these familiar melodies and lyrics.

At the Church of the Good Shepherd, we seek to provide opportunities for parishioners of all ages to offer their gifts of singing, playing instruments, or leading and conducting. You may join in this ministry through the Adult and Children’s Choirs, the Handbell Choir or help create a new offering with the instrument you play.  Contemporary worship music is currently offered during Sunday Evening Eucharist service and the weekday Morning Prayer services with St. James Episcopal School.

Another way to participate in and support the music ministry is by attending one of our special musical offerings, including organ recitals, choral evensongs, compline services, Festival of Lessons and Carols and other choral offerings throughout the year. It is our desire that music at the Church of the Good Shepherd enriches your worship and your life.


Adult Choir

Our adult choir faithfully offers a variety of choral music and is the foundation of musical worship at the Sunday 10:30 a.m. service. In addition to rehearsing the music for each Sunday, members enjoy the benefit of learning the history of the music they sing as well as the liturgy in which they participate. The choir is a lively, creative, and friendly group who loves to fellowship together. In addition to being together for rehearsals, the choir also gets together for seasonal dinners and celebrations.

Children’s Choir

The Church of the Good Shepherd offers a Children’s Choir for children in Jr. Kindergarten-5th grades.  It is the intent of this choir to nurture each young person’s relationship with God in Christ. This ministry gives children an opportunity to respond in a tangible way to God’s love and presence in their lives. It is a way that the children can serve and derive joy and accomplishment through that offering. Our congregation is blessed by the abilities and enthusiasm of our children and youth.

Handbell Choir

The Handbell Choir provides another musical offering to compliment our Sunday 10:30 a.m. service as well as high festive occasions throughout the church calendar. The Handbell Choir is comprised of both youth and adults who rehearse weekly. The beauty and rhythm of the varying tones of bells highlights many of our favorite hymns, adding depth and character, while introducing us to new melodies that lead us into worship.


The Church of the Good Shepherd treasures the rich and harmonic tones of the Carillon, housed in the Bell Tower. It is one of only thirteen in the state of Texas. First acquired in 1955, the Carillon has been added to, repaired and enhanced over the years. It now consists of 48 bells and 4 octaves, making it a true concert instrument. The largest bell weighs approximately 1,800 pounds, while the smallest bell weighs only 15 pounds. These weights are significant, as the Carillon is not electronically played. The Carilloneur plays a manual baton-type keyboard and pedal keyboard. Since 1955, there have only been three Carilloneurs at the Church of the Good Shepherd. The Carillon is played Sunday mornings before church services, for weddings, funerals, and St. James Episcopal School functions.

If you feel called to worship through music and would like to serve God through the Music Ministries at the Church of the Good Shepherd, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735.