Endowment & Special Gifts

Spiritual Gifts

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

The Church of the Good Shepherd seeks to build up the body of Christ through discovering and employing the various spiritual gifts each member has been given. The stewardship of spiritual gifts is equally important as financial stewardship of monetary resources. Both concepts stem from the understanding that God has given us something to cultivate, tend, and share to bless others. In the case of spiritual gifts, the Bible teaches that God has given every believer specific talents, inclinations, and abilities to build up each other and the collective Church. Some may have the gift of compassion and would love to visit people in the hospital. Others may have the gift of administration, and will want to help organize events. Others might have the gift of service, and are happy to set up chairs or clean up after breakfast. To some he gives the gift of teaching, or evangelism, or healing. There are many gifts and they are all gifts from the Spirit. As we grow in our relationship to God, we often feel a strong tug to use our gifts as a way of serving and worshipping God. It is a real joy to discover and employ a spiritual gift. It can be a revelation to discover what God has made you to do.

The other understanding about spiritual gifts is that they are given to us as a way of participating in God’s kingdom. God, in his sovereignty, has invited us to share in the joy of building his kingdom here on earth and in the life to come. Using our gifts is our response to his invitation. As the parable in Matthew 25:14-30 suggests, we have a responsibility to use and grow our gifts, not just for our benefit, but for the benefit of others. We are the hands and feet of Jesus (the body of Christ) and the way he chooses to bless this world.

Many however, never realize that they have these gifts and further, do not know what to do with them. The Church of the Good Shepherd is committed to helping each parishioner discover and employ their gifts.

For more information on ways to get involved and employ your spiritual gifts through the Church of the Good Shepherd, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735.

Estate Gifts

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  It is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and perch in its branches.”  Luke 13:18-19

Estate Giving is one expression of the wise use of the personal resources God has entrusted to us.  While Estate Giving involves financial planning, it is not reserved for the wealthy. It is an expression of returning to God what he has entrusted to us after we no longer have need of it. It is also an opportunity to model thankfulness in God’s abundant provision, and to leave a legacy that provides for the continued growth of the church and its ministries.

Estate Gifts may take a variety of forms such as cash, securities, retirement plan assets, savings bonds, real estate, stock, life insurance, and life insurance death benefits.  Gifts can be made through a Bequest in a Will which might be a specific monetary bequest, a percentage of an estate, a specific asset such as personal or real property, a trust created in a will or a contingent beneficiary where the church receives the assets if there are no surviving beneficiaries.  Estate gifts can also take the form of a Life Income Gift such as a charitable gift annuity, a pooled income fund gift, or a charitable remainder trust.  And some choose to make a Gift of Life Insurance or a Gift of Appreciated Property.

If you would like to discuss how you might leave a portion of your estate to further the mission and ministries of the Church of the Good Shepherd, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735 and ask to speak with the Rector.

The Endowment Fund

What is the Endowment Fund?
The Church of the Good Shepherd Endowment Funds were created to offer an opportunity for the Church’s members, their relatives, and their friends to make gifts to the church which will perpetuate its future missions.
The Endowment Fund takes parish ministries beyond what is possible through the annual operating fund, allows for community outreach, and safeguards against future emergencies.
These are permanent funds where the money stays invested and the growth, earnings, and interest provide a long-term commitment to the life of the church and to the lives of future generations. It ensures your continued support for causes you care about in perpetuity.

Who Administers the Funds?
The funds are administered by our Endowment Board which includes three members of our church, the three previous Senior Wardens and the rector, along with the Treasurer as an ex-officio member. The board is responsible for accepting gifts, investing them, and recommending distributions guided by established policies and by the wishes of the donors. All distributions require the approval of the Vestry.

How to Give the Perfect Gift
Gift-giving can be tough. We have all received a gift or two that doesn’t quite match our needs or style and ends up in the back of the closet. A gift to Good Shepherd is always welcome and will be carefully directed to the programs you hold dear.

What to Give the Person Who Has Everything
As you celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter and anniversaries with loved ones this year, reflect on what is truly important to them. If that person values the mission of the Church of the Good Shepherd and the educational benefits of St. James School as much as you do, consider making a gift in his or her name.

Keep Memories Alive
If you’ve recently lost someone close to you, celebrating a special occasion might be bittersweet. If the Church of the Good Shepherd was important to your loved one, a gift made in his or her memory can be a meaningful way to make that person part of your celebration.

Give From the Heart
To learn more about gifts that will truly benefit you, your loved ones and our remarkable church, contact any of our Priests or the Endowment Board, or fill out the attached card. We will contact you.

Remember Church of the Good Shepherd in your Will or Living Trust
Have you ever considered how your church has been able to thrive since 1860 and provide the resources needed to maintain its manifold community missions? The answer is twofold: (A) God’s providence; and (B) our church’s vital endowment.

When you remember the Church of the Good Shepherd through a gift in your estate plan, you join a special group of people who have made some of our most important achievements possible. You are never too old or too young to make a gift to Good Shepherd.


  • A Legacy of a Lifetime – Giving a gift to the Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps giving into perpetuity.
  • Simplicity – As little as one sentence in your Will or Living Trust is all that is needed to complete your gift.
  • Flexibility – Until your Will or Living Trust goes into effect, you are free to alter your plans.
  • Versatility – You can give a specific amount of money, a gift contingent upon certain events, or a percentage of your Estate.
  • Tax Advantages – Consult your accountant to discuss the many tax advantages of planned giving.

For more information on our Endowment Fund Click Here.