Our nursery is located in Dobbins Hall, on the east side of Broadway Street, down the stairs and through the glass doors.  It is open every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon for children age 0-2 years. The nursery provides a safe and clean environment for infants and toddlers to explore, play and rest. According to diocesan standards, we maintain a maximum of a 4/8 child/adult ratio, with a minimum of two adult staff persons on duty at all times. The nursery also provides childcare for a variety of other church events, including Bible Studies, Women of the Church luncheons, Lenten suppers and other special occasions. This is an important ministry to young families who wish to participate in the events and programs of the Church.

*Due to Covid 19 protocol, the nursery will not take children under 1 year of age.  We accept children ages 1 and 2.