The Vestry is a board of lay leaders in the Church who have been elected by the congregation to govern the parish. They oversee all aspects of the Church’s operations, including the finances, the property and the mission of the Church. The Vestry consists of 18 members who have demonstrated leadership, commitment and service to the Church, and who actively dedicate themselves to the mission of the Church. Each member brings their own unique experience, knowledge and expertise from various sectors of the community, benefiting the church immeasurably. Six new members are elected every year for a three-year term, as six rotate off the Vestry having completed their term. Elections are held annually at the Parish Meeting in January.

Church of the Good Shepherd Vestry

Senior Warden Scott Landreth
Junior Warden Hamilton Rogers
Treasurer Dane Bruun
Chancellor Denny Barre
Clerk Samantha Gates

Class of 2022
Anantha Babbili
Samantha Gates
Hayden Head
Leslie Peart
Hamilton Rogers
Elaine Yellen

Class of 2023
Tiffany Batchelor
Ben Donnell
Scott Landreth
Laurelyn Pohlmeier
Henry Sapp
Nowery (Boo) Smith

Class of 2024
Rob Grainger
Amy Liles
Sue Madry
Joseph Payne
Gregg Robertson
Kimberly Tompkins