Diocesan Youth Events

Our parish is proud to be part of the Southern Convocation of the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas.  Founded in 1904, we are a diocese of 90 congregations spread over 60 counties and 69,000 square miles in South Central Texas.  This diocese offers many opportunities for youth to get involved with the wider Church beyond their parish walls.

Happening/HIS Love

“Happening” is a three-day weekend spiritual retreat for high school students in grades 10 thru 12, typically held three times a year.  Its aim is to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Faith is seriously examined in a relaxed, fun and informal atmosphere.  The team is led by a student “rector” and includes other students and some adults.  Each weekend ends with a closing service for family and friends.  Students who have attended a Happening can participate in the “HIS Love” reunion in conjunction with each “Happening” weekend.  “Happenings” are held at various churches in the diocese throughout the year.  Click Here to find out more about Happening.