Christian Formation

We have several Sunday worship services from which to choose, each with a different feel and tempo. For spiritual growth, we offer a coordinated Christian Formation program for all ages. In addition to Sunday programs, the Church of the Good Shepherd also offers several weekday services and classes, to meet a variety of schedules and interests. There are many ways for people to share in the mission and ministries of the Church of the Good Shepherd.

The Church of the Good Shepherd offers several opportunities to learn about our spiritual heritage, hear and appropriate God’s word, and discuss and ponder the things of God among friends.

Adult Sunday School - Fall 2021

Living Word - Going Deeper into Sunday Scripture Readings
Led by Rev. Milton Black & Rev. Philip May
9:30 a.m. in the Parlor
The Rev. Milton Black and the Rev. Philip May will lead a discussion-based class utilizing the scripture readings from each Sunday’s services.  This is very similar to what we have offered this summer in the Parlor, which has been very popular!  The day’s scriptures will guide us as we learn from one another and better understand God’s Word.

All is [not] Folly - Parent Class
Led by Rev. William Campbell
9:30 a.m. in Dobbins Hall Adult Classroom
We live in a crazy world in weird times. The act of worship every week is supposed to keep us centered. The family unit is supposed to provide us with a hope of staying grounded, faithful, relational, and in a practice of sacrificial love. But the daily, inescapable reality is that in neither worship nor family are we in complete control. The Gospel speaks into this, if only we can pause to hear and understand it.  Drop your kids at Sunday School, pour yourself a coffee, and join Father William for an “intently haphazard” conversation about parenting, worship, and the lessons we’re often too busy to hear or learn.

Walking your Dogma, Talking to God
Led by Rev. Frank Fuller at 9:30 a.m.
in Munds Hall Library
Many eyes glaze over when we talk about the Church’s Creeds or doctrine.  Nonetheless, they form the reservoir out of which genuine authentic prayer arises.  Understanding the interplay of prayer and belief will make our prayer life more real and powerful and our faith deeper and more mature.  Join Father Frank Sunday mornings!

Wednesday Evening Classes - Fall 2021

It is Right to Give our Thanks and Praise: Hearing, Praying, and Living the Eucharist Prayer
6:30 p.m. in the Parlor
Led by Rev. Philip May
The heart of our worship is the Eucharist, and the heart of the Eucharist is the Eucharistic Prayer.  Take this opportunity to dive deeply into the ancient words of these prayers, their history, their meaning, their spirituality, and their role in our lives of faith.  As we open our minds and hearts, these prayers they will become so much more than words we listen to.  They will become a way for us to join in the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, to be in communion with one another, and to be truly present at the Lord’s Supper.  Join us Wednesday evenings in the Parlor for the return of our potluck suppers and for this time of learning and reflection.

Centuries of Saints
6:30 p.m. in Dobbins Hall Adult Classroom
Led by Rev. Frank Fuller
This class is a look at the Church’s saints, century by century, tells more than just who the good guys and gals were.  The ones that we recognize as saints of God tells as much about us as about them, and much about who we think God is and who he wants us to be.  We will look at the people named by the Church as saints, one century at a time, to see how the Church has changed over time and how it remains the same throughout the ages.