Home Visitation

The Church of the Good Shepherd cares when a member of the flock is sick or unable to come to church. One of the significant ways we express our concern and care for our parishioners is by visiting those who are sick, hospitalized, or home-bound. Our Clergy or Lay Eucharistic Ministers are available to visit you where you are, offering prayers, comfort, and the Eucharist if desired.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve in a beautiful and selfless way. They are members of our congregation who have been trained and charged with taking the blessed Eucharistic elements, the wine, and the bread, to those that are unable to attend the Eucharist at Church. If an individual is sick, hospitalized or home-bound, the Lay Eucharistic Minister is trained to read the Holy Eucharist service in the Book of Common Prayer and administer blessed elements to them. They read prayers and share announcements that may have taken place during the service at the Church. Lay Eucharistic Ministers seek to administer the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ for those that desire it. It is a lovely service for the individual and their whole family if they are present.

If you would like to learn more about this ministry, or if you know someone who would benefit from having a Lay Eucharistic Minister visit them, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735.