Acolyte Program

The Acolyte Program at the Church of the Good Shepherd is well established and a vibrant ministry for our youth, starting in the 7th grade. Acolytes recognize their service as an offering to God, by assisting the clergy and making a contribution to the spiritual life of the congregation. We are a liturgical church that shares in a tradition of worship that goes back to the age of the Patriarchs. Acolytes receive training in liturgical movements, including the processionals, lighting of the candles, serving at the altar and presenting the alms. Junior acolytes begin service by bearing the banners and flags. They progress to being Torch Bearers, Gospel Bearers and ultimately Cross Bearers, with the Crucifer being a high honor. Advancement in training and responsibility is based on service.

Our responsibility is to faithfully execute our duties and actively participate in worship. We are an integral part of the worship service-the congregation’s worship would not be complete without us. (Will need to change links once we go live.)

Acolyte Schedule-Fall 2021

Acolyte Manual

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Christmas and Spring Acolyte Schedule

Acolyte Teams 2020-2021