Youth Parent Involvement

The adage may go, “it takes a village to raise a child,” but around here we believe it takes a church to raise a child. We look after one another’s youth as if they were our own. We are parents and grandparents, college students and young adults who all passionately care about young people and earnestly desire their discovery of the abundant life only Jesus gives.

If you are blessed by a wide-toothed grin from a Middle School student running with carefree joy, this is for you. If your heart breaks when you see a High School student succumbing to worldly pressures, this is for you. If you wish to guarantee the health and stability of the Church for the next generation, this is for you.

There are a number of ways to get involved, with commitments both big and small. Here are some of the ways that you can serve our youth today:

Acolyte Director — Sunday mornings, once a month
Always paired with another director, you will help organize your acolyte team to assist in facilitating Sunday worship. Some brief coordination and a quick email reminder is all it takes. If you have a heart for worship or just wish to instill leadership values in our youth, consider becoming an Acolyte Director.
“It was just a pleasure to watch my team successfully lead us through the services. There may be chaos a minute before they walked down the isle, but the kids always did well. I am very proud of them. It is very rewarding.”
-Cindy, Acolyte Director (mother of two)

Middle School Youth Group Volunteer — Wednesdays evenings
Many of our students come right from after school practice to Basileia, our weekly youth program. In order to accommodate these busy schedules, we provide a meal to all of our students every Wednesday night. We prepare and serve dinner to the twenty plus youth, and then stay and support the evening’s program.
“The highlight this past year was being a part of the Middle School children’s lives and watching them mature spiritually. I also enjoyed the teaching myself. It is rewarding and a good thing to do.”
-Anne, Middle School Basileia Volunteer

Senior High Youth Group Volunteer — Sunday evenings
Our program is built on authentic relationships. There is no one person that can relate to every interest and passion of each youth. We need adults, from college students to senior citizens, to dedicate their time and energy to an incredible community of youth who earnestly desire real relationships with others and with God.
“I would recommend anyone to volunteer. It is our responsibility to do so, and it grows us.”
-Sam, Sr. High Basileia Volunteer

Event Chaperone — evenings, 3-4 times per year
Throughout the year, we host a number of blow-out events from lock-ins to Aliens (a Good Shepherd youth favorite). In order to facilitate these events by maintaining responsible supervision and appropriate adult-youth ratios, we are always looking for volunteers to help staff these fun offerings. It may be cooking chili or playing Wii, there is a job for everyone’s gift.

Youth Advisory Committee — first Thursday of every month
The Youth Advisory Committee is a group of adults who recruit, support, and sustain the youth program. They meet once a month to pray, reflect, and discern where God is directing the program to meet the needs of our youth.

For the safety of our youth, all of our Youth Ministries volunteers are required attend “Safeguarding God’s Children” Training.

Our Youth Programs could not happen without our wonderful volunteers! For more information about getting involved in our Youth programs, please contact the Church Office at 361-882-1735.