Mission 911

Mission 911 is a homeless shelter, serving men who desire to make a new start and work towards independent, crime free and sober living. The shelter provides housing, meals, spiritual formation, recovery groups, life skills training, including job interview preparation and fiscal management skills. Located just two blocks from the Church of the Good Shepherd, our church community recognizes its connection and commitment to our neighbors. In addition to charitable donations, The Church of the Good Shepherd has organized and volunteered at several “Work Days” for property renovation, including landscaping, painting, building sidewalks, re-roofing and more.

Our Youth Ministries dedicated themselves to serve Mission 911 by hosting their summer mission trip there, which was spent gutting and rebuilding their storage space and converting it into a clothes closet for the neighborhood. As an additional outreach, the Youth have made blankets for the residents. At Christmas time, they go caroling and drop off fruit baskets to the Mission.

If you are interested in getting involved in this ministry, please contact the Church Office at 361-882-1735.