Bible Studies and Book Groups

“Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Matthew 4:4

The Church of the Good Shepherd offers several Bible studies and book groups in which you can be fed by the word of God, think theologically, and fellowship with others. These studies and book groups provide a safe and nurturing environment in which you can learn, inquire, explore, test and grow your faith. Most importantly, it is a time set apart to let God speak to us through His Word and through the wisdom of great theologians and writers. Come be nourished by spiritual food that satisfies.

Find a Bible study or book group that is right for you by scrolling through the list below:

For Women

Women’s Bible Study 2018-2019
Tuesdays from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m.  in the Parlor
Led by Elizabeth Black

Click Here to go to Elizabeth Black’s website to hear the audio recordings of this weekly Bible Study.

The Hebrew meaning of the Isaiah’s name summarizes his message: The Lord saves. Speaking to a people and world that are lost and broken, Isaiah proclaims God’s magnificent plan to draw all creation back to himself. Central to this message is the sending of a Messiah, a servant-king who will suffer for his people and be exalted in victory. Apart from the Psalms, no other voice from the Old Testament echoes the pages of the New Testament, as does Isaiah.

Come hear the gospel captured in the beautiful, poetic imagery of a prophet. Come be surprised by immeasurable grace, and be caught up in a glorious picture of God’s renewal of the world. Come soar on wings, like eagles.

Please join Elizabeth Black on Tuesday mornings, beginning September 11th, for a time of fellowship and study. Simply bring a bible and a pen. A study booklet will be provided on the first day for $10.00 each or in the Church Office. This study will run for 13 weeks in the Fall and for 12 weeks in the Spring. For more information, feel free to email Elizabeth Black at

For Men

Men’s Life Fellowship
Tuesday Mornings, at 7:00 a.m. in the Parlor

This group offers encouragement and support for your daily life.  Now is a great time to join this group and share in fellowship and wisdom.  Come to share or come just to listen!

Men’s Life Fellowship also organizes fun, energetic activities outside of the book study and will publicize them to the congregation as they draw near. Be looking for announcements of fishing tournaments, skeet shoots, golf tournaments and more.

Meets Tuesday mornings at 7:00-8:00 a.m. in the Parlor at the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Men’s Book Study
Tuesdays at Noon in the Library

Meets Tuesdays at noon, in the Munds Hall Library at the Church of the Good Shepherd. All are welcome to attend.


For Men and Women


Wednesday Evening Class

Wednesdays from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. in the Parlor

“Encountering the Risen Jesus” with Rev. Philip May & Matthew Bloss

The Rev. Philip May and Youth Minister, Matthew Bloss have begun a new Wednesday evening class called Encountering the Risen Jesus. The post-resurrection encounters between Jesus and the disciples provide us with some of the most profound and personal moments to be found in all of Scripture. The risen Christ comes to his disciples in all their brokenness – their sadness, fear, doubt, shattered dreams and failure – and calls them to a future filled with hope, confidence, confirmed faith, new beginnings and restored lives.


Trinity Towers Bible Study
Thursday Mornings at 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. at Trinity Towers

This is an ecumenical Bible study led by a clergy member of the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. This Bible study is held on site at Trinity Towers for its residents. Topics vary but are often guided by the weekly lectionary readings of the Episcopal Church. Fellowship and discussion are the emphasis of this group, as well as prayers for the infirm. There is no homework or reading associated with this study.

Meets Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:00 a.m. at Trinity Towers located at 101 North Upper Broadway, in downtown Corpus Christi


Cursillo Reunion Groups
The Church of the Good Shepherd has a number of Cursillo Reunion Groups that meet for study and fellowship.  Time and place varies, depending on the group. If you have made your Cursillo and would like to join a reunion group, please contact the Church Office at 361-882-1735 and we will help you find a group to join. If you have not made your Cursillo and would like to know more about the adult Christian renewal weekend, click here.

Education for Ministry (EfM)
Every baptized person is called to ministry. The Education for Ministry (EfM) program provides people with the education to carry out that ministry. During the Service of Confirmation, we ask God to “Renew in these your servants the covenant you made with them at Baptism. Send them forth in the power of the Spirit to perform the service you set before them”. EfM offers an opportunity to discover how to respond to the call to Christian service.

EfM meets in seminar groups. A group consists of six to twelve participants and a trained mentor who meet weekly over the course of a nine-month academic year. These meetings are usually from two and a half to three hours in length.
Through study, prayer, and reflection, EfM groups move toward a new understanding of the fullness of God’s kingdom. Participants are given weekly assignments to study with the help of resource guides. Through discussion and guided reflection, the seminars furnish an opportunity to deepen understanding of the reading materials.
Even more important is the development of skills in theological reflection. The goal is to learn to think theologically. By examining their own beliefs and their relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, participants can learn what it means to be effective ministers in the world. In coming to terms with the notion that everything we do has the potential for manifesting the love of Christ, we discover that our ministry is at hand wherever we turn.
The seminar is supported by a life of prayer and regular worship. EfM groups are encouraged to develop a pattern of worship appropriate to their situations. Liturgical materials are furnished with the course materials.

For more information about any of our Bible Studies or Book Groups, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735. Click here to obtain lessons, notes or others materials from our bible studies.