boat of Sea of Galilee

Women’s Bible Study

The Gospel of Matthew image showing a boat in water with no one in it.

Who: Women of all ages – Everyone is welcome!
If you have never been to bible study, this is an easy-going group that comes together for fellowship, to build friendships, and to be strengthened by God’s Word! We are a group of all ages, and love to learn from each other.

What: Study of The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is the story of the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the story of a man, a teacher, a healer, a prophet, a king – and how he came to save the world. Because it is the first book of the New Testament, it would be easy to think something new must be happening. And there is! But it is also a very old story. Matthew sets out to show how Jesus “completes” or “fulfills” all the promises ever made about God’s anointed King who would come to save the world.
We will step back into a historical place and time – imagine the local flavor, the culture, the physical, historical setting of the story. It is in this context that will meet Jesus, walk alongside him, hear his words, let him pray over us and discover that we are not at all incidental to the story. We are not observers. So come join in the most exciting story of your life!

How: Bring a Bible and a Pen to the Parlor
Please join Elizabeth Black for a time of fellowship and study. Simply bring a bible and a pen. A study booklet will be provided on the first day for $10.00 or it can be picked up in the Church Office. This study will run throughout the Fall and Spring. If you are interested in having nursery available, please call the Church Office at 361-882-1735.


Elizabeth is making her Bible studies available through an audio recording posted weekly on her website at Each week, an audio recording of her teaching and the group discussion will be posted. You can join the study by just listening weekly, or participate more fully by purchasing the workbook. If you plan to do this study remotely, please contact Elizabeth to get more information about the workbook.