Youth Mission and Outreach

Mission 911 Summer Team
Throughout the year, we have many opportunities to put our faith into action, and have a little bit of fun, too. Whether it is baking cookies for prisoners or washing an outreach vehicle, cleaning and renovating apartments or playing board games with homeless shelter residents, we try to seek and serve Christ in every person.

From caring for the sick, the friendless, and the needy, to supporting other ministries, we facilitate a minimum of ten direct contact service hours per semester (the base requirement for many local High Schools and Honor Societies). There are a number of ongoing projects in which the youth regularly participate.

Texas Water Mission is a diocesan based ministry that builds water wells for impoverished locals in Honduras and southern Mexico.  The High School Youth give their time and energy to raise the money to build one of these wells.  Through various fund raisers, the students give the gift of water to a community in Honduras and then have the opportunity to go and dig the well during their Spring Break in March.

Cookies for Kairos serves Kairos of the Coastal Bend at the McConnell Maximum Security Prison in Beeville, TX. Twice a year, the leaders of Kairos sponsor a retreat weekend within the prison walls for the “Men in White.” Kairos gives out 36,000 cookies per weekend. A couple of weeks beforehand, we meet in Munds Hall and bake cookies. Last time, we baked 278 dozen cookies in four hours. Additionally, we take time to write letters to the prisoners, sharing Christ’s love and our assurance that they are not forgotten. Letters must be handwritten and include no contact information (sign your first name only); they can be dropped off at the Church Office anytime.

Mission 911 is a homeless shelter two blocks from the church. We are constantly trying to strengthen relationships with the residents, sharing with them the love of Jesus Christ. Our local summer mission project last summer was spent gutting and rebuilding their storage space and converting it into a clothes closet for the neighborhood. Our outreach project at the Super Bowl party was making blankets for all the residents. At Christmas time, we go caroling and drop off fruit baskets.  For Easter we assemble thousands of Easter eggs for their community Easter Egg Hunt.

Mission of Mercy is a local free medical clinic that serves the Corpus Christi area. To support this important local medical mission, the youth wash the mobile clinic to help make it a warm and inviting place for all who seek medical care.

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